January 2013

OK, I know that it is a bit late for the January edition but here goes!

After really struggling for space to work at the end of last year, I really needed the space to work and be more productive! My little home studio was great but I needed the a space between work and home. As many a crafter will tell you, craft can really take over your home!

So in January 2013 after spying this little building in November 2012…I got the ball rolling! It is situated along the coast of Groomsport, County Down. It’s a quiet little seaside village which comes alive in the summer!


 My workroom is bigger and I even have space for this lovely workshop!




I have been taking workshops for over a year now. Basically I would go to a local organisation and teach the group how to make a simple item. Last year I ran workshops for Banbridge Council and the demand was so great that 4 workshops where fully booked! (over 60 people in total!) The ladies and children were amazing and it gave me a real buzz. So naturally I wanted to start my own work shops too.


Being so busy trying ot get the workshop up and running it left me a little slow getting some new ideas brought to life! Like every year you never know which way your business will sway. I have been very fortunate to date to have such lovely and loyal customers, so long may it continue! Heres to another great year!

Linda x

P.S Here is a little link to a video about Ruby Bijou! – Video


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