St Patrick’s Day is Coming!

March…the start of Spring, daffodils and St Patrick’s Day!

Every year at Ruby Bijou, being from Northern Ireland, I like to make at least one thing that celebrates St Patrick’s Day. Last year it was a simple green button brooch but this year, I decided to go a bit further. Following the launch of Ruby Bijou Homeware in August 2012, I have really loved making jewellery for the home as well. Why do I call it Jewellery for the Home? Well because it simply looks like the jewellery I make!

Anyway back to this years St Patrick’s Day Entry!


Using the materials I already had and a little bit of natural string a little clover hanging wall art was created! Could also be used as a sun catcher? I was really pleased with the finished product.

I went on the hunt for other handmade St Patrick’s Day goodies and this is what I found.


This Traditional 3 Legged horse shoe trivet

is great in more ways that one. It is a horse shoe ( known to be lucky) in the shape of a clover ( when with 4 leaves) is also known to be lucky!!

This was made by  Tinkan Designs which I found on



This beautiful garland  was another favourite of mine. Found on this garland was made by Paper Polaroid . Check out their other fab items in their shop!

There are so many other great and tasteful handmade products out there to be found and there is still time to get them ordered!

So whether you celebrate with a pint of Guiness, or take advantage of the day off to relax, Enjoy and have a Great day!

Linda x


One thought on “St Patrick’s Day is Coming!

  1. Thanks for the feature! I do actually do an extra lucky 4 leaf clover horse shoe trivet too! ..Maybe its not listed on Folksy..
    Anyway, thanks again, and Happy St.Patricks day when it comes! 🙂

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