Steampunk Range of Quirky Jewellery

Steampunk has been around for as long as I can remember. The funny thing is though, I never really paid attention to trends and styles of jewellery until I actually started to make it myself!

My jewellery has always been bright and quirky with buttons, colouring pencils, stamps etc. I really like it that way! After reading an article though in the Gardian about Victorian Steampunk was becoming a strong fashion trend my mind started to think. Then after a trip to London when I saw a normal dressed guy wearing a top hat it was decided!!!

As I work a lot with resin I wanted to keep the familiar shapes and styles so, although Ruby Bijou was going to a “dark side” it still had the cute pretty feel that I feel that I have with my own jewellery.


This was the first attempt. Completely clear ( apart from the bad photo) it looked very pretty in reality.

I then decided that a stronger background was needed to really show off the cogs and wheels.


So I went with a black background which in my opinion blew the clear out of the water. Happy with the results there was no stopping me and the full range was completed!


Steampunk Bangle


Steampunk Ring


Steampunk Brooches


The whole range!

I try to get as much squeezed into the pieces as possible. I love looking at my own pendant as the more I look the more I seem to see! Every year I do panic thinking what will I come up with and will customers like it. I have had a lovely response so far. I have lovely fans on Facebook!

Would love to know what the rest of the world thinks!!

Linda x


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