First Kids Birthday Party!

On Saturday 16th March Ruby Bijou held its first birthday party!

The Birthday Girl was Amy and she is the ripe old age of 9!


( Everything ready to go before the party starts!)

So how did  the day progress? Well we started over deciding which design of brooch we would like to make and talked about colours and button choices.


I had lots of stencils ( we don’t have time to become fine artists) and the kids happily drew around them and cut out the pieces of felt. I was there to help with the cutting of some of the tricky bits! haha!


After everything was cut out and ready we all got gluing which was a lot of fun and all the girls understood the instructions really well!


After all the brooches were complete we decided to have a fashion show with the brooches and Mum (Alison) provided prizes! We had a little fun and more points were given for original position of the brooch. We had brooches on skirts, cuffs, hair bands and bobbles!

20130316_163158-2 20130316_163233 20130316_163245 20130316_163258

After a quick tidy up it was time for food. At the Ruby Bijou Studio we have a kitchen with all the works so Alison was able to bring all her own food and put on a tasty feast for the girls!


Everything was topped off a cupcake and a sip of a cool drink!


A thank you from Alison ( Mummy of Amy)

“Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon. Amy really enjoyed her birthday party and you were super with the girls. A highly recommended birthday party. A x”

If you would like to book a Kids Birthday Party at Ruby Bijou please email for details!


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