A lovely post about my Studio Open Day which is on Easter Tuesday!!

M . L . M . B . Z .


Are you lucky enough to be free this Easter Tuesday? Considering what to do with yourself? Fancy a treat, something chilled out and fun? With tea, coffee and cupcakes? The chance to buy some fab handmade jewellery, or to make it yourself? Then why not visit the Ruby Bijou Studio, it’s their Open Day!

Cover Photo

Downton Style is coming to Ruby Bijou Studio!

Come down and visit the Studio . . .

Be greeted by their Butler . . .


Enjoy the finest tea and coffee, choose from an assortment of gorgeous cup cakes and delicious pastries.

Ruby Bijou will let you into a few trade secrets of how she creates her marvellous artisan jewellery, that is sold all over the world with demonstrations throughout the day.


Come Browse, Shop, take part or drink tea! 🙂

We are now taking bookings for workshops on the day.

The classes will…

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