Button Workshop with the Brownies!

Yesterday evening I headed up to Belfast to the 34th Belfast Brownies to teach them all how to make button brooches.

We had 20 children to get through in 1.5 hours usually I do 15 or less in more time than that! So I was under a little pressure. With the help of my friend Zanewe took to that task!

I have to say that the girls did really well and we managed to get all the brooches finished with seconds to spare!

Check out some of their brooches!!

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I would like to that the girls for working so well with me and of course the Brownie leaders!!

Great night and great creations from a true CRAFT marathon!!

Linda x


The Great British Sewing Bee

The Great British Sewing Bee hit the screens in the UK last Tuesday ( 2nd April) and I have to say I thought it was fab! I could not believe the pressure that people were put under! I don’t think I could  have done it! And the judges were SO truthful! In their honesty comments made weren’t nice at times. I think that added to the pressure of future tasks and made it all the more exciting for those that were watching it!

I have always been a fan of sewing and I think it stems from my mother. Both my mother and aunt were seamstresses before they were married.

I didn’t learn any skills from them as there wasn’t a sewing machine in the house when I was growing up. I got my first sewing machine ( toy one) when i think I was a bout 6-7. I didn’t get my big girl one until 2009!! A little Singer that I called “Suzie” .

I had this mad idea that I would alter clothes and recycle them. That didn’t work out!  Now that I make jewellery, I am glad to say that I can use my sewing machine to help me with some designs. I am also thrilled that my designs still show my love of sewing. I love making my sewing range of jewellery!


The tape measure bangle is a firm favourite of mine! I get a lot of comments about it and I think its soo eye catching!


These are brooches! Brill for popping om a jumper or bag! They can also be made in to pendant for necklaces!


Choker neclaces with square pendants are so bright, just perfect for the summer!


How about a little tape measure ring to go with everything??


A little kilt pin cutie with scissors and pegs that really one and close!

All these can be purchased onlne so make sure you are kitted for the next show! I have to say I am looking forward to it!!