End of the School Year and Time to Thank the Teachers

I remember all of my teachers from school. Its funny I can’t remember half the people I went to school with!! I remember those teachers though for good reasons and bad reasons!

If you like your teacher or your children like their teacher, why not show your appreciation by a little gift? I have been working on lots of different ideas for teacher gifts. I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, but the closest I get to that is teaching workshops- which is way better as there are no exam papers or homeworks to mark! Haha!

OK so lets start off with something simple…..a few brooches! These are available to purchase from  my website! 🙂


Round Pencil Brooch £10


School Theme Brooch £7


Kilt Pin Pencil Brooch £8

How about some lovely Earrings??


Pencil Hook Earrings (All Colours available!) £4


Stud Pencil Earrings (All colours available!) £4

A necklace to go with that? I hear you ask!


Jumbo Pencil Necklace ( Other Colours Available!) £12

I only wear rings…..well thats no problem either!


Round Pencil Ring £15

My teacher is a guy….don’t worry the men have not been left out….what about some cufflinks??


Pencil Cufflinks £20 

I hope that everyone has a lovely end of term! If you are a teacher, well done and enjoy your summer! If you are a student, then I hope the exams went well and you are happy with the results you get this summer! Relax what’s done is done! If you are a parent, heaven help you keeping them amused this summer!!

Linda x



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