Secret Santa Gifts for Under £10!

It’s that time of year again! It’s been five years since I worked in a company and had to pick a name out of the hat for the lucky recipient of a gift from me! 

I always enjoyed shopping for as a secret Santa. It was an opportunity to pick a little bit of fun at the recipient, all in good humour! That’s the type of office I worked in! 

Rules of Secret Santa…

Once you have picked you name, keep it a secret!! It really does make it more fun! You can always reveal after they open the gift! 

• Stick to the budget whether it’s £5 or £10 or maybe more! People do struggle to find a gift that’s half decent for the money – but they do exist!! Also there is temptation to out shine or impress… This is unfair to the others! 

• Get creative and go do research! Do not be tempted to buy a gift voucher!! Does your recipient have hobbies or interests? 

Here are gifts I have available for under £10 – Shop Here!


I’ll be blogging with other Christmas ideas! Wishing you a stress free shopping season!! 

Linda x


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