National Button Day!!!

I just love National Days!! Today I am delighted to say it is National Button Day!! Whoopie! This has to be one of my favourite days as I just love buttons and use them regularly in my jewellery! Now, I … Continue reading

Dark Nights are Coming!

Don’t get me wrong  I don’t mind them at Christmas, but before then when you are busy and you never seem to see the light of day it can be a little bit depressing!

In Northern Ireland we are soo lucky to have those long summer nights that is still quite bright at 10.30pm! I love them!

Well this weekend the clocks go back! Daylight Savings Time!  I have a little offer on my button clocks that I make at the moment on my website, so today was about making clocks and taking some updated product pictures.

I have a bad habit of being excited about an item that I have made, taking a quick snap and because then I get busy doing other things that quick snap becomes the official picture. I always say, oh I must take a day and sort out my pictures- BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS!

Any hoo here is my clock! x




Welcome to 2014 and new things for Ruby Bijou!


Well after the winter break its time to get the tax return completed! I spend my time though trying to distract myself with new designs. Its amazing what you can come up with when you are being naughty and not doing what you are supposed to!!

Well fear not tax sorted and everything is back to normal!


Last year I started working with flowers and resin and the dandelion seed necklace went down a storm with my lovely customers. They were left wanting more! Unfortunately autumn had set it in, which proves a busy time of year for me so I mainly concentrate with what designs I have and keeping them well stocked. I did make a mental note that in the new year I was going to have new flower designs!

Here is what I have so far and there is still more to come!

Daisy Necklace



Forget Me Not


Ballerina Rose

They are all retailed at £16.00 each.

I really love these little glass pendants. They are also handmade ( not by me) and they came all the way from the US, so although I don’t travel far, the jewellery certainly does travel far for you!

All the pendants are sealed shut so the delicate little flower will be safe and sound! I am loving the selection, Daisies, Larkspur, Dandelion Seeds, to the little Forget Me Nots, how sweet!


Last year large statement necklaces were a major trend in jewellery. I am glad to say its still following us into 2014 ,which gave me a chance to have a go a designing my own!

Well sticking with my favourite resin and buttons I came up with this design. This has been hand cut and hand sanded and polished. There is a lot of love labour in these necklaces but the results I was really pleased with. To top it off what else better than a few candy cane stripes in the form of ribbon! Who does not love ribbon??

Statement Neckalce


These necklaces are designed to be worn at the neckline / collar and the lovely chunky chain can be adjusted to suit you!

They retail at £20 and are available online now!

Linda x

The Great British Sewing Bee

The Great British Sewing Bee hit the screens in the UK last Tuesday ( 2nd April) and I have to say I thought it was fab! I could not believe the pressure that people were put under! I don’t think I could  have done it! And the judges were SO truthful! In their honesty comments made weren’t nice at times. I think that added to the pressure of future tasks and made it all the more exciting for those that were watching it!

I have always been a fan of sewing and I think it stems from my mother. Both my mother and aunt were seamstresses before they were married.

I didn’t learn any skills from them as there wasn’t a sewing machine in the house when I was growing up. I got my first sewing machine ( toy one) when i think I was a bout 6-7. I didn’t get my big girl one until 2009!! A little Singer that I called “Suzie” .

I had this mad idea that I would alter clothes and recycle them. That didn’t work out!  Now that I make jewellery, I am glad to say that I can use my sewing machine to help me with some designs. I am also thrilled that my designs still show my love of sewing. I love making my sewing range of jewellery!


The tape measure bangle is a firm favourite of mine! I get a lot of comments about it and I think its soo eye catching!


These are brooches! Brill for popping om a jumper or bag! They can also be made in to pendant for necklaces!


Choker neclaces with square pendants are so bright, just perfect for the summer!


How about a little tape measure ring to go with everything??


A little kilt pin cutie with scissors and pegs that really one and close!

All these can be purchased onlne so make sure you are kitted for the next show! I have to say I am looking forward to it!!