“Piece of the Month”

Last month I introduced “Piece of the month” where I offered anything up to 25% a particular piece of jewellery for a whole month!

My lovely customers jumped at the chance I am delighted to say, so this month I have another piece on offer….and its a goodie!

Rainbow lace bangle 3

Rainbow Lace Bangle £24 RRP £30!

I just love nature and especially in the summer I get in the flower mood!

This pretty bangle is made with Eco Resin and dyed Annes Lace flowers!

Nothing Beats seeing it in real life so I made a short Video for you to watch!

I hope you all have had a lovely July so Far!

What have you been up to?


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Real Flower Jewellery

Last month I brought out some new flower jewellery. I have been struggling  with it for a while and it can be really annoying when you cant get it right! Now thanks to new resin my whole resin life has been changed!!!


This is my new 3 pansy necklace! This delicate flower originally from Russia ( I think!) is so pretty as a necklace. I barely have had mine off since I created it! I am hoping to work on some new colours soon, but for now I really like this one!


Who doesn’t love making a daisy chain? I always made them on my lunch hour when I was at primary school. My friends and I would set ourselves a challenge to see how long we could make one! I even remember our teacher measuring it as they were so impressed!! Anyway those daisy chains will wilt and die but this one won’t!